„The Panamericana My Love“

Stránka česky

or One Man On Two Wheels Across Three American Continents

After the first successful climb of the highest peak in the world Mr Tenzing said his the most well-known sentence : 

„Even from the Everest peak you can´t see the whole world,, you can´t see as far as to the substance of your life and its beauty„

After my 60.000 kilometres by bicycle around the world I can repeat these words with my silent humility and I can just add that the most beautiful view on the world is from a bicycle saddle.
A very famouse traveller and very good friend of mine Mr Miroslav Zikmund (87) and also my great teacher is still in very good condition and he still travels a lot. So I decided ones, if he can than I must. We have the same opinion that an adult man should do some act which young boy usually does. Do you know why ? Because boys grow old really slower … … and Mr Miroslav is the great example.

The  main aim and the purpose of this original Czech cycling  small expedition is to travel across North, Central and South America. The beginning of this journey is in Anchorage in Alaska and the end in Punta Arenas in Chile or as you want in Ushuaia in Argentina. The only way I want to go across is way No1 also called Panamericana Highway or Carretera Panamericana, the only and the longest way without interruption in the world.  

The Beginning/ Start : July, 2006
The End : March, 2007
The Distance : approx. 25.000 kilometres
The Direction : Alaska, Canada, The USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costarica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina - Patagonia